King maintains NCAA Division II Stat Rankings

Cody Snyder (Bluff City, Tenn.) was No. 6 in sacrifice bunts per game with 0.32 and No. 9 thanks to a dozen sacrifice bunts on the season. Thanks to a strikeout once ever 13.7 at bats, he was No. 57 in that category.

Garrett Cook (Luray, Va.) owned three Top-100 rankings which included the No. 43 spot with nine home runs which equaled 0.22 home runs per game at No. 45 in that category. His .615 slugging percentage went up six spots to No. 82.

Steven Mueller (Mt. Washington, Ky.) was No. 88 in both hit by pitches and hit by pitch per game with 11 hit by pitches which was 0.28 per game.

Dustin Pannell (Aiken, S.C.) used five saves to share the No. 51 ranking.

Nick Melcher (Orlando, Fla.) and his 1.7 walks allowed per nine innings ranked No. 74, up 23 spots.

The Tornado's .969 fielding percentage was ranked No. 18, up one spot from last week which was the highest team ranking.

King had collected 94 stolen bases which was No. 27, but the team's 2.24 stolen bases per game ranked No. 20.

A total of 23 home runs ranked No. 67 and was No. 64 with 0.55 home runs per game.

The Tornado's pitching staff was No. 51 with 3.24 walks allowed per nine innings and No. 56 with 9.03 hits allowed per nine innings. King posted a 4.30 earned run average for No. 73.

King returns to action Friday with a 1 p.m. doubleheader against Southern Virginia University to close out the regular season.