King hosts inaugural Tornado 101 event

King hosts inaugural Tornado 101 event

BRISTOL, Tenn. – The King University athletic department started the new Tornado Leadership Academy series when they held their inaugural Tornado 101 event earlier this fall. This is a leadership and orientation event for freshmen student-athletes as well as transfer student-athletes to help them acclimate to college and King.

The event helped the more than 100 student-athletes get acquainted with their fellow classmates from other teams. Numerous people from around campus came to address the group about what resources are available to help them succeed in their time at King. The athletic training staff spoke, as well as career services, student affairs and academic success specialists.

"Tornado 101 was a new event to help freshmen and transfer student-athletes adapt to life at King," said Assistant Athletic Director for External Affairs Nancye Rahn. "We wanted to give the student-athletes the opportunity to meet other new student-athletes across all 25 teams, plus hear about resources they might need on campus."

The attendees also heard from their peers as five current or former Tornado student-athletes came to speak about what they learned in their time here. They also shared how that can help the new student-athletes succeed. This might have been the highlight of the evening as the "veteran student-athletes" highlighted information that was given earlier in the evening and why it was important.

King expects to have this event each fall to help the new class adjust to life at King. The series now shifts to Backpacks to Briefcases where student-athletes will have the opportunity to learn leadership and networking skills to use in their careers.